The 1% Fund aims to donate a small percent of your income directly into efforts to help one of the most vulnerable and unjustly treated group of people on earth: children who are dying of HIV/AIDS and TB.

Funding Thermometer - Help us reach our goal for the projects this year 2015...


$2,000 needed to fund 100 'Go Boxes'!

PATA Goal:

$2,000 needed to fund

Record of Recent Donations

Total raised so far this year (06 July 2015): $540 US Dollars!

  • $100. Michael Furlong, 24-Aug-2015.
  • $50. “Thanks for the training". Anon. Aug 2015.
  • $100. “Two wonderful HIV projects”. Anon. Aug 2015.
  • $50.“Anonymous”. Anon. Aug 2015.
  • $100: “Anonymous”. Anon. Aug 2015.
  • $175: “a proportion of my training income”
  • $170. 1% of MI training and royalties income since my last donation. 06-Jul-2015.
  • $100. Happy to help such a great cause-- part of recent training income. 05-May-2015.
  • $140. Some training income. Delighted to help. Good luck with the targets. Anon. 13-Apr-2015.
  • $170. 1% of my training and royalties income since my last donation. Anon, USA. 07-Apr-2015.
  • $100. Proportion of MI training income for college student affairs and healthcare family practice projects. Caitlin Barthelmes, USA. 07-Jan-2015.

Your money: This will go directly into projects that make a real difference, unencumbered by administrative costs. 

The projects:  We have started with two projects, and others might follow. Read about these projects, here on the website, and ‘tighten your seatbelt’ before you do! There are stories of the most remarkable kind.  

Donate: We will keep you up-to-date with where your money is going, and in time, we will produce a Facebook page as well.