The MI 1% Fund aims to donate a small percent of your income directly into efforts to help one of the most vulnerable and unjustly treated group of people on earth: children who are dying of HIV/AIDS and TB.  

Your money: This will go directly into projects that make a real difference, unencumbered by administrative costs. 

The projects:  We have started with two projects, and others might follow. Read about these projects, here on the website, and ‘tighten your seatbelt’ before you do! There are stories of the most remarkable kind.  

Donate: We will keep you up-to-date with where your money is going, and in time, we will produce a Facebook page as well.

Record of Donations

Total raised to date (08 Jan): $6,494 US Dollars!

As the donations come in, you can read about them here:

  • $100. Proportion of MI training income for college student affairs and healthcare family practice projects. Caitlin Barthelmes, USA. 07-Jan-2015.
  • $100. I happily donate 1% of income generated from training. Congratulations on this important work. Peg Dublin, USA. 31-Dec-2014.
  • $100. Thank you for all you do, so grateful to be a member of the MINT! Alil, USA. 23-Dec-2014.
  • $ 50. Wonderful project and so pleased to be a MINTie who can offer some support. Cathy, USA. 20-Dec-2014.
  • $50. Anon, 19-Dec-2014.
  • $250. A contribution from a trainer in MI, with thanks. Anon. 18-Dec-2014.
  • $250. Appreciating the giving not just the taking among colleagues in MINT. Anon. 17-Dec-2014
  • $250. Percentage of training income. Anonymous. 16-Dec-2014
  • $125. 1% of my training and royalties income since my last donation. Anon, USA. 14-Dec-2014.
  • $30. With thanks for inspiration today. Nina Gobat, UK. 13-Aug-2014
  • $50. Thank you for spreading compassion! This is my first donation to the 1% Fund-- from MI trainings this month. Special thanks to the Health Federation of Philadelphia and the BHC network. Scott Glassman, USA. 05-Jun-2014
  • $100. 1% of my training income since my last donation. Anon, 27-May-2014
  • $20. This $20 is to support the 1% project. Anon, 05-May-2014
  • $50. For the greater good. Anon, 02-May-2014
  • £500. Anonymous donor: with grateful thanks to the selfless people working in the Nurse Family Partnership project, UK. March 2014
  • £100. Huge gratitude for a wonderful learning experience and to support a vital project. Anon, 24-Mar-2014.
  • £110, participant donations - from book sale  in Cardiff "MI & Brief Conversations" workshop, Tue 18-Mar-2014
  • £80, participant donations - from book sale in Cardiff "MI Intermediate-Advanced" workshop, 20Mar-2014
  • £50, anonymous donor: with grateful thanks to the selfless people working in the Nurse Family Partnership project, UK. March 2014
  • $75.00. Michael Fulop, USA. Proportion of MI training income. 25-Feb-2014
  • $50. Ali Hall, USA. I am grateful to be part of such a wonderful group! 22-Feb-2014
  • $25. This video has been invaluable in my trainings and I so appreciate having it! Susan Dopart. 14-Jan-2014
  • $20. Donation in kind for using the video ''Can listening save time.'
  • $25. Sheila Delson, USA. I just watched the MI video about 'Can Listening Save Time..." with Drs. Ng, Stephen Rollnick and Fiona McMaster and the lessons I learned from this one video taught me more than my former 6-hr. training. FABULOUSLY articulated and hit the mark for me...particularly the part about how important it is for the MI provider to "have no agenda." Thank you all so much!! 07 Dec 2013.
  • $322. Fundraising activities. Alison Oxley, UK. 18 Nov 2013.
  • $45. A token of support from a good friend in China. 21 Oct 2013.
  • $30. This is a small way of saying thanks for some brilliant MI learning opportunities recently. 12 Sep 2013.
  • $25. 1% of MI training income annually - I just teach one class, but am using your Dr. Ng video and appreciate it. Caroline Cangelosi, USA. 25 Jul 2013.
  • $180. This donation is on behalf of the Enterprise Programs and Clinical Training Team as part of a quarterly effort for "giving". USA. 25 Jul 2013.
  • £10. Spontaneous donation from two MI Introduction - Update workshop participants, Cardiff, 23 Jul. Anon.
  • $100. 1% of fees for MI training workshops, May & Jun, 2013. Anon. 23 Jul 2013.
  • $50. This is in honor of Aimee Prange's birthday and her interest in motivational interviewing training. Aimee Anderko, Bethlehem, 23 Jul 2013.
  • £35. 'To restore dignity and health for people my own age, here's my 17th year birthday money.' Anon. 17 Jul 2013.
  • $100.00. Aimee Prange, USA. 17 Jul 2013.
  • $15. 1% of motivational interviewing training, Jul 2013. Anon.
  • $50. US MINTie supporting this wonderful work. 20 Jun 2013.
  • $65. Scarlett Mattoli. 17 Jun 2013.
  • $30 from Maya (11) to all those wonderful friends in Africa. Jun 2013.
  • $30. Caitlin Barthelmes, United States. 1% of recent MI training. 11 Jun 2013.
  • $61. Luciano, Leone & Chiara Mattoli, Hong Kong. 'We are giving some money from our Lai See packets we received this year in Hong Kong. We hope it can help.' 30 May 2013.
  • $155. 'This is an initial donations from interested parties in Hong Kong. I intend to donate 1% of my annual income from clients with whom I utilise MI in Hong Kong and Asia. Thank you for this opportunity!' (Anon) 29 May 2013.
  • $100. Mark Wallace-Bell, UK. 19 May 2013.
  • A donation of children's books. Joanna Houston, New Zealand. 15 May 2013.
  • $18. A member of MINT donated 1% of his fee for an MI workshop. Anon. 12 May 2013.
  • $500. Guildford Publications, USA. 'Donation is in honour of our author Stephen Rollnick.' 07 May 2013.
  • $85. Michelle Lee, Auckland, New Zealand. '1% of my quarterly income: NZ $100. Intending to donate quarterly.' 05 May 2013.
  • $100, Richard Rutschman, USA, 02 May 2013.
  • $100.  'I will be donating several times a year after each training conducted.' Igor Koutsenok, USA. 01 May 2013.
  • $50. 'This is my seed donation. I will add a quarterly donation equivalent to 1% (or better) of my writing income.' Angela Hilbert, USA. 01 May 2013.
  • $50. Ivan Margetson. 01 May 2013.
  • £200. Fee from training of primary care practitioners, England. April 2013.
  • 1% of motivational interviewing training income, UK annually: £550. MINT member, April 2013.
  • Proportion of income UK annually: £567. MINT member, April 2013.
  • 1% of all training and consultancy income. MINT member, March 2013.


Friends of MI: “Friends of motivational interviewing” are a loose collection of people who aim to improve practice in health and social care through the use of motivational interviewing. This growing group have the privilege of access to a few projects that have direct access to children with HIV/AIDS in Africa. By “friends”, we really mean anyone, even your child.

1%: The idea is to donate 1% of anything to these projects, ideally 1% of your training or other income. We encourage children to get involved too, with the support of older parents and friends.