The 1% Fund aims to donate a small percent of your income directly into efforts to help one of the most vulnerable and unjustly treated group of people on earth: children who are dying of HIV/AIDS and TB.

Funding Thermometer - Help us reach our goal for the projects this year 2016...


$2,000 needed to fund 100 'Go Boxes'!

Record of Recent Donations

Total raised so far this year (2015-2016):

  • $200. Training income. Thank you for looking out for those who need some help, Anon. 28 Jan 2016.
  • $175 “Training income. Anon. Good luck”, 26 Jan 2016
  • $220 “Anon MI practitioner”

  • $200 “Many thanks for some great training and for this work in South Africa.

  • $375 raised in 2015.

Your money: This will go directly into projects that make a real difference, unencumbered by administrative costs. 

The projects:  Read about these Kidzpositive project here on the website, and ‘tighten your seatbelt’ before you do! There are stories of the most remarkable kind.

Donate: We will keep you up-to-date with where your money is going, and in time, we will produce a Facebook page as well.